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S&P Breakouts Might Not Sustain

the fact that Money Flow measure whipsaws around the zero line as the S&P moved up to test formidable resistance does not favor a sustain break to the upside. As for strategy, we’d look to buy into short-term dips rather than chasing breakouts

S&P Trapped in Narrow Range

S&P is trapped within narrow trading range as traders await a key policy decision from the Federal Reserve later this week. Technical pressures are building up as the market dances its way into an increasingly tight trading range. S&P’s 2874 marks the inflection point. A failure to hold above key level indicates a change in sentiment and a much deeper pullback should be expected

S&P in Digestion Phase

the big picture remains the same. There is an orderly pullback consolidation, which represents digestion period. While more backing and filling would not be a surprise, a close below S&P’s 2873 would see a massive pickup in volatility

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