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S&P in a Midst of Short-term Consolidation Phase

several key technical indicators suggest that S&P is in a midst of a short-term consolidation phase. The fact that the index managed to hold on to most of recent gain in the face of such extreme overbought condition, indicating an internal strength. This increases the probability that the S&P will break out from current trading range as soon as the market shakes off excessive optimism

S&P in Short-term Oversold Bounce

so far Tuesday’s oversold rally has proved nothing as far as its staying power or as a possible trend reversal. While there is a high probability that the late-day rally will momentum, given looming resistance near 2750-2765, there is no reason to turn particular bullish until this zone is eclipsed. With this in mind, we’d consider taking down exposure into additional strength

S&P Support Might Not Hold for Long

market is in holding pattern as traders are watching to see whether or not the S&P can hold above 2700. Money Flow measure and momentum had been deteriorated, suggesting that the support might not hold for long. A failure to hold above key price level means that long-term buying pressure has finally been exhausted. On balance, we remain near term neutral/negative for S&P as we believe market vulnerable to some downside retracement over the short-to-intermediate term

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