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Stock Trading Basics – Investing Strategies that Work

The purpose of this web site is to provided a unique and concise information’s, which might aid investing/trading decisions, with private/institutional investors and financial advisors.
Why trade? The existence of exchanges and the resulting “liquidity” permit the phenomenon of price fluctuations or swings. Intelligent traders make money by betting on short-term price swings. The idea is to buy when our reading of the market tells us prices are rising and sell when the uptrend runs out of stream. Alternatively, we can bet on a decline and sell short when our analysis points to a downtrend, covering when the downtrend starts bottoming out. The concept is simple, but implementing it is difficult. However, with the help from our professional team of analysts, the only work involved in your part is to follow the instructions or signals generated by our mechanical transaction-timing models.

We often hear the “buy low and sell high” phrase, which is believed, by many, to hold the key to the Golden Stream. But does it? How low is “low” and how high is “high”? Phrased differently: when is “low” and when is “high”? It can be seen for the preponderance the “when’s” in the all-important questions that the faucet handle is labeled “Timing”. That is The Real Magic Lies in Transaction Timing. Timing is our goal and purpose to build this site in a hope to help individual and institution investors to achieve the one and only one goal “maximize profits”. Think about compounding. An average 10% return per month can yield $1,000,000 on a $10,000 investment within 50 months! Now it is seen why trading is so important if accurate timing of transactions is consistently possible. Trading brings profit compounding into play-while sufficiently accurate timing to permit short-term trading drastically amplifies the compounding effect. This principle is so important to profit maximization that it deserves entry as the next basic tenet: Profit optimization requires short-term trading.