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Use the power of Capital Essence’s CEM News timing indicator to identify early trends and ride them to profits.

When it comes to making money in the stock market, timing and execution is crucial.  Knowing when to get in – and knowing when to get out. It’s been the holy grail of investing since the advent of investing.

If you buy too late and sell too early, it’s time to start profiting from long and short ETF and equity recommendations based on our CEM News powerful propriety timing indicator that confirms, validates and times entry and exit points.

In this new era of extreme market volatility, our CEM News will help you position your finances for boom and bust periods ahead with non-emotional, tactical, and disciplined investment strategies based on our trading models.

Each trading day throughout the week, our CEM News will provide you with detailed reports, commentary, recommendations and alerts on ETF’s and equities, with ongoing follow-ups including changes to initial stops, and notifications when a recommendation closes. You will also received the specific insights and observations on various markets.

* Market Outlook: Click here for a sample issue.  The technical analysis of financial markets. Every issue brings authoritative analysis on whether the market is trending bullish or bearish, so you know whether to favor long or short positions.

* Swing Trader Bulletin: Click here for a sample issue.  Using candlestick charts and proprietary tools, the Swing Trader Bulletin establishes near-term market bias and identifies patterns, trends, support and resistance levels, moving averages, attractive entry and exit points, buying opportunities and more. Click here for investing guideline/指引.

* Daily Trading Ideas: presents the best US listed stocks & ETFs according to our constantly update & improve market-tested formula for explosive growth. It’s designed to position everyday people on the same playing field as the professionals. Click here for a sample.

* Trading Map: an ideal trading tool for ETFs or equities traders. It was built around a simple premise – to buy low and sell high. It is incredible short and long-term market timing system issues remarkably accurate buy and sell signals that help you determine when it’s time to sell and protect your assets – and when it’s time to go back on the offensive in search of capital gains.

Trading Map will also give you a glimpse into the major market trends in stocks, bonds, oil, the gold market and currency such as the U.S. dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen as well as trends and recommendations across all sectors. Click here for a sample.

A disciplined, non-emotional approach.

One of the benefits of CEM News is that it completely cuts out investment maneuvers based on emotions — the biggest detriment to good decision making.  By sticking with the discipline of a short side strategy and proven timing signals,  you are no longer ruled by the Fear of buying low. The Greed that keeps you from selling high. Or Pride which causes you to hang on to losers. When the Trading Map say it’s time to sell or buy, you simply do it. There is no talking your way out.

In today’s tumultuous markets, actively managing your positions is not only smart, it’s essential. Register now for your special 30-day trial and let the Trading Map help keep your portfolio growing in both up times and down.

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Map Your Way To Financial Freedom


Specific timing for buying, selling, and shorting is crucial to making money.  To make money in the market you must buy low, sell high, cut your losers, and ride your winners. Which means you need to know when you’re high and heading lower — or low and heading higher.  Our Trading Map precision tactics were designed to give you those indications.

The Trading Map is set up to ride big trends up or down, and warns when to get ready for a major reversal. Right before a stock or ETF is about to make a significant move up or down, the Trading Map gives an early indication that a  shift in direction is coming. These are the types of signals and insights the Trading Map will pass along to you each week.

10 reasons to start your special 30-day trial of the Trading Map ETF & Equity Investor newsletter now.

1. Buys low and sells high.
It’s the number one rule to making money.  The Trading Map will give you timely entry and exits on anything that trades.

2. Rides winners and cut losers short.
The Trading Map helps investors stay with winning stocks, markets, commodities and ETF’s, long or short. It is set up to buy low, ride a trend, and then to sell high, as well as short high, ride a trend down, and then cover low.

3. Helps manage your emotions.
The Trading Map takes emotion completely out of the equation and helps you stay with winning trades, which is difficult for many investors to do.   So you will actually buy in fear and short after euphoria.

4. Focuses on highest reward, lowest risk trades.
The Trading Map includes set-ups for stocks and ETFs to go long or short.  It identifies where huge buying pressure is building prior to an upside explosion. It also does a downsize as selling pressure builds for an implosion.

5. Employs a disciplined approach.
The Trading Map has a discipline built in, so when it’s time to sell, there is no talking your way out. A signal to buy or sell is obeyed. It will help you to stay long even as your emotions tell you to sell. It will help you to sell even when Wall Street is telling you to “buy, buy, buy” and average down.

6. Offers global opportunities to buy low.
The Trading Map searches stocks, bonds, commodities, ETF sectors, global market ETF’s, and gives us the very best set-ups to go long and short.

7. Provides diversification.

The Trading Map recommends allocation of capital, long or short in various asset classes and currencies so you are well diversified.

8. Never fights the trend in markets, stocks or ETFs.
Our saying is “Never fight the Tredn”. If the Trading Map is bullish, we are buyers. If the Trading Map is bearish, we are sellers. We will always yield to price because Price is Truth.

9. Never lets winners turn into losers.
The Trading Map uses precise Targets and Stops, and never lets winners turn into losers. To protect gains, we update regularly whenever stops are raised or lowered on winning trades.

10. Is a system that works.
The best mangers have a system that works and they obey the system no matter what. We are giving you that system in this service.

  • JOIN NOW & Take the 30-Day Trial Offer for only USD$10 (new subscribers only)

  • Monthly(每月訂閱費): USD$68 [CEM-1008M].

  • Annually(每年訂閱費): USD$680.00 (Save 2 months – 獲贈2個月免費)

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