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SPDRs Report

Good Morning. This is Capital Essence’s U.S. Market ETFs Trading Map – SPDRs Sector Report for Wednesday May 31, 2017.

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Below, daily, weekly and monthly technical overviews and analysis for major indices, key sectors, commodities ETFs. This information is a comprehensive summary derived from our proprietary trading system.

Major Indices ETFs:



Daily trend: DIA, SPY and QQQ are in bright green (strong buy). IWM is in red (strong sell).


Chart 1.1 Major indices ETFs (Daily)


Weekly trend: Tech continues outperformed. QQQ in all in bright green (strong buy) while DIA and SPY are in dark-green (weak buy). IWM is in yellow (neutral).


Chart 1.2 Major indices ETFs (Weekly)


Monthly trend: all major indices ETFs signaled fully invested. DIA, SPY, QQQ and IWM are all in bright green (strong buy).


Chart 1.3 Major indices ETFs (Monthly)


Sectors, Commodities, Currencies ETFs:


Capital Essence’s SPRDs Report Explanation:

Signal (daily, weekly and monthly): each ETF is rated base on our in-house algorithm and proprietary trend indicator. Trade in the direction of the trend. That’s said, if the signal is “Sell or Weak Sell”, trade on the short side. If the trend is “Buy or Weak Buy”, trade on the buy side. If the trend is “Neutral”, it’s best to buy when it’s oversold and sell when it’s overbought or simply stay on the sideline.


Thanks and good trading!


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