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Trading Ideas That Paid – AA

Commodities attracted strong buying support Friday.  Crude oil futures turned the early lost into a 1.7% gain to close at $91.35 per barrel.  Gold advanced 1.1% to settle at $1421.95 per ounce.  The CRB Commodity Index gained 1.7% as a result.
Speaking of commodities, shares of Alcoa Inc (AA) added 1.2% to 15.39.  This is bullish from a technical perspective.  In fact, as the chart below indicated, AA could climb above 17 and test the 52-week high after breaking out form the so-called bullish flag pattern.  Just so that you know, initially profiled in our June 24, 2009 “Swing Trader BulletinAA had gained about 54% and remained well position.

You see, our trend-following system is very unique as it attempts to pick turns before others see them. Timing is everything and if you’ve applied our system correctly, you should have made a killing in any markets.

This is just an example of many successful trades that our member had enjoyed recently. After all, aren’t you glad you subscribed?

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