Core ETF Report

This is Capital Essence’s “ETFs Trading Map” Core ETFs Report for September 24, 2015.

Core ETFs Model Portfolio Holdings: amid recent market volatilities, we’ve made some adjustment (read: roll stops higher) to protect profits. Most of the holdings shown nice gains. There’s a new setups. Subscribers, please click here to login.

Year-to-date (August 25, 2015) our Core ETF Model Portfolio is up nearly 27%. While the S&P 500 index is down -6.52% over the same period Click here to see for yourself.

Once again, our ETFs Trading Map had outperformed the S&P 500 index in 2012 with more than 88% profits. Click here to see for yourself.

ETFs Trading Map posted a nicely 63% gain in 2009, nearly 43% in 2010 and nearly 92% in 2011.


What’s “ETFs Trading Map”? General speaking, it is the ideal trading tool for ETF traders, which designed to help traders to become an even more profitable, more consistent, and more confident trader. It’s capable of: detecting the direction of “big money” flow, forecast the near-term trading range, and sector rotation. Click here to read a sample Weekly U.S. Market ETFs Trading Map issue.

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