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CEM News Service (投資通訊服務): Swing-Trader Bulletin

Trading/Investing Focus & Objectives:
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Using candlestick charts and proprietary tools, The "Swing Trader Bulletin" establishes near-term market bias and identifies patterns, trends, support and resistance levels, moving averages, attractive entry and exit points, buying opportunities and more.

As a "Swing Trader Bulletin" subscriber, you'll be benefit from:

1. Make more educated trades. Each issue gives detailed charts showing movements in the major averages, along with our concise analysis. Making a substantial profit with at least 5 stocks a week — that are well positioned to make a big move moves.

2. Invest with the trend. Every issue brings authoritative analysis on whether the market is trending bullish or bearish, so you know whether to favor long or short positions.

3. Save time. High-volume and professional traders can save an hour or two every day of prep time by using the "Swing Trader Bulletin'.

4. Add discipline to your trading. The objective tools of technical analysis eliminate emotional responses to market movements.

5. See what others can't see. The "Swing Trader Bulletin" breaks down individual stock by time frame, revealing patterns and key technical levels other methods of analysis overlook.

6. Increase your confidence. Using our world-class insight and authoritative commentary, you'll make trades with a reliable perspective on the outlook going forward.

7. Help control downside risk. The "Swing Trader Bulletin" disciplines your trading so that you limit losing trades while allowing your winners to run.


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Trading/Investing Guideline:

Important notice: always use these figures as guidelines, and realize gains and losses according to your personal risk parameters. Furthermore, we recommend researching the type of stop order that is appropriate for your specific style of trading.



The oldest rule of investing is that “the higher the risk, the higher the return.” Highly volatile stocks have higher risk rating. With that said, the Swing Trader Bulletin Picks with a “4th quartile” risk rating are the riskiest stocks. However, these stocks tend to produce great returns as compare to those with a lower risk rating.

For a new potential Swing Trader Bulletin Pick to be entered in the Swing Trader Bulletin Portfolio, the stock must be "TRIGGER".  
However, if  a new potential Swing Trader Bulletin Pick initially gaps higher (ABOVE the trigger price) by more than 5%, it is NOT considered for purchase.
The same rule is applied for short-sell.  That is, if a new potential short candidate initially gaps lower (BELOW the trigger price) by more than 5%, it is NOT considered for short-sell.

Note: the set-up(s) will be automatically remove from the watchlist if the stock pick didn't trigger after 5 trading sessions and/or move above/below the pre-set stop loss point.

Capital preservation is the first step towards prolonged profitability.  An exit strategy (or stop-loss point) is assigned to each and every Swing Trader Bulletin Pick to reduce risk and hence preserve capital. 

At least 2 targets are provided for every new potential Swing Trader Bulletin Pick.  When the stock had achieved its first target, a portion (usually about 75%) is recommended for sale - profit taking in other words.  The stop-loss point will also raise on regularly basis as the stock shows strength against the overall market.



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