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CEM News Service (投資通訊服務): Stock Screen Machine - Daily Trading Ideas

Focus & Objectives:

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Are you ready to trade on the same playing field as the professionals? Let our Stock screen machine present with with only the best stocks & ETFs according to our constantly update & improve market-tested formula for explosive growth. Try it today!

Daily Trading Ideas:
Every evening after the market close, our Stock screen machine sorts through a list of 6000 plus US listed stocks & ETFs uses our in-house trading algorithm, which we've update/improve constantly based on market condition, to identify the ideal stocks & ETFs that are well position for an explosive move. Out of the entire batch of 6000, only a couple flawlessly pass are certified as the Daily Trading Ideas.

Specific Guidelines:
The Stock screen machine doesn't merely identify these candidates for explosive growth. Each Trading Idea includes specific trading guidelines calibrated from their technical readout. These included:



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User Guideline:

This is the user guide for Daily Trading Ideas Generated by Stock screen machine:

This is a post in progress and we plan to update/improve it constantly over time to serve prospective and new subscribers.

Daily Trading Ideas Terms Explanation:

  • Ticker: the stock symbol.   

  • Date: setup date. 

  • Price: Closing price. 

  • Volume: average daily trading volume is the last 30-day.

  • Trend: each stock is rated base on our in-house algorithm and proprietary trend indicator - say if the stock is in an up-trend, it's listed in the "Bullish" category.  And if the stock is in a down-trend, it's listed in the "Bearish" category. If there is no trend, then it's in the "Range Bounce" category.  Trade in the direction of the trend.  That’s said, if the trend is “Bearish”, trade on the short side.  If the trend is “Bullish”, trade on the buy side.  If the trend is “Range Bounce”, it’s best to buy when it's oversold and sell when it's overbought or simply stay on the sideline.

  • Cycle: a proprietary momentum indicator.   Range from "Overbought" to "Oversold".

  • Signal: latest short-term trading signal, which we've determined using our in-house algorithm and proprietary trend indicator.  “Buy” = it's a good time to initiate a short-term long position or add on to the existing long position, “Sell” = it's a good time to initiate a short-term short-sell position or add on to the existing short position, “-” = no new signal.

  • Trigger: entry Above (long) / Below (short).  This is the price level above which you should set your buy limit order or below which you should place your sell (short) limit order.  We usually put our stop limit order one to five cents beyond the entry level.  You should also read the “Dealing with Gap Openings” section on the “Trading/Investing Guideline - Trigger” for other thoughts on entry.

  • Target: if the trade is long this is the upside target.  If the trade is short, this is the downside target.  When the stock had achieved its first target, a portion (usually about 75%) is recommended for sale - profit taking in other words.  The stop-loss point will also raise on regularly basis as the stock shows strength against the overall market.

  • Stop: capital preservation is the first step towards prolonged profitability.  An exit strategy (or stop-loss point) is assigned to each and every trade to reduce risk and hence preserve capital.


Sample Screenshot:

Here’s a sample screenshot of a portion of the Stock screen machine.  Let’s walk through each of the columns to figure out all this information:


Table 1.1 –  Daily Trading Ideas - Sample Buy list.


Example:  Netflix Inc (NFLX)

  • Ticker: NLFX is the ticker symbol of Netflix Inc.

  • Date: the setup is March 27, 2009.

  • Price: NFLX's closed @ $39.68 on March 27, 2009.

  • Volume: the 30-day average trading volume is 2,098,103.

  • Trend: bullish.  So we should trade on the buy side.

  • Cycle: neutral. 

  • Signal: Buy.

  • Trigger: entry Above $41.24.

  • Target: take profits around $45.48.

  • Stop: cut lost if there is a close below $39.34.

Chart 1.1 – Netflix Inc @ March 27, 2009.

After an explosive rally, NFLX pullback to key support level, which we've determined using our proprietary trend indicator, that should trigger strong bounce.  The overall pattern supports higher prices and continuation of the uptrend that began last December.

Chart 1.2 – Netflix Inc @ March 30, 2009.

As anticipated, the buy setup triggered the next day as NFLX moved above $41.24.  Note: the stock jumped more than +6% for the day.

Chart 1.3 – Netflix Inc @ March 31, 2009.

It did not stop there, the stock matching higher the day after that, up more than 2%.  Note: NFLX traded as high as $43.97 and it is entering the profit taking zone.  So traders should be taking profit right now. 

As you can see, the setup here is so simple but the result is very impressive, NFLX had gained nearly +10% in just 2 days right after profiled in our Daily Trading Ideas - Buy list. 


Anyway, we hope this short introduction is useful. We plan to update and improve this post over time. 


Thanks and good trading!


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