Day: September 5, 2019

Trendless Consolidation Will Give Way To Major Breakout

based upon recent trading action, the upper and lower limit of a short-term trading range has been set between the 2800 and 2944 levels on the S&P. Over the next couple of days, we will look for the breakout and retreat behaviors as the 2944 level is retested and as the index probes the important sentiment 3000 level. A failure breakout follows by a subsequence decline below 2900 suggests that most of the potential buyers at this level had already placed their bets and a much deeper pullback will most likely ensue

SPDRs Report

This is Capital Essence’s U.S. Market ETFs Trading Map – SPDRs Sector Report for September 5, 2019. SPDRs Report is the daily, weekly and monthly technical overviews and analysis for major indices, key sectors, commodities ETFs. This information is a comprehensive summary derived from our proprietary trading system.