Day: May 20, 2019

S&P’s Waning Momentum Forewarned Lower Stocks Price

daily chart of the S&P has shown signs that upside momentum is waning as the index tested key price level. While there is a high probability that the late-week selloff will momentum but a close below S&P’s 2800 is needed before there is any real prospect of a change in the short-term upward trend pressure. For now, 2800 is the line in the sand. A close below that level would see a massive pickup in volatility

SPDRs Report

This is Capital Essence’s U.S. Market ETFs Trading Map – SPDRs Sector Report for May 20, 2019. SPDRs Report is the daily, weekly and monthly technical overviews and analysis for major indices, key sectors, commodities ETFs. This information is a comprehensive summary derived from our proprietary trading system.