Trading Ideas That Paid – FXE

The Euro sold off sharply following the release of a report that offered a framework for future Euro-zone bank failures in the Euro-zone.  The currency violated its 200-day moving average to set a one-month low as a result.  In fact, as the chart below indicated, the Euro could extend its slide before meeting a strong zone of support between the August and September 2010 lows.  Just so that you know, short Euro position had gained more than 300 pips, or 2.2%, against the U.S. dollar since added to our “Core ETFs Model Portfolio” on January 4, 2011.

You see, our trend-following system is very unique as it attempts to pick turns before others see them. Noticed the major trend shift in early September 2009.
Timing is everything and if you’ve applied our system correctly, you should have made a killing in any markets.

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