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Trading Strategy – SPDR Gold Shares

  Gold prices inched up to their highest in more than a week on Monday amid heightened geological tensions.  The SPDR Gold Shares (GLD) rose 0.82 percent to 122.08.  The ETF has risen more than 11 percent YTD, trailing the S&P by about 2 percent.  Monday’s rally indicated a bullish turnaround, according to our “U.S. …[read more]

Trading Strategy – SPDR Gold Trust ETF

  Threats from fatal Hurricanes and North Korea’s missile program are prompting investors to seek shelter in haven assets. Investors poured $1 billion into the largest exchange-traded fund backed by bullion last week, the most since mid-2016. The SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD) traded at the highest level in more than a year. Now the …[read more]

Trading Strategy –  SPDR Gold ETF

  With the major equity indices are lower across the board over apparent concerns of conflict with North Korea, one asset that may provide an indication on the extent of the current pullback is the safe haven gold. Gold futures jumped about 1 percent and hit their highest level in two months. Below is an …[read more]

Trading Strategy – SPDR Gold ETF

  After being down for most of the second half of 2016, the SPDR Gold ETF (GLD) has been positive month-over-month in 2017, up 12.31% year-to-date. According to our “U.S. Market Trading Map”, there could be more gains ahead for the ETF. Below is an update look at a trade in GLD. The graphic below …[read more]

Trading Strategy - SPDR Gold

  Since reaching an interim low in March, SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) has traded in a range but there could be gains for the yellow metal, according to our “U.S. Market Trading Map”. Below is an update look at a trade in GLD. The graphic below is from our “U.S. Market Trading Map”, show the …[read more]


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