S&P Will Have Downward Bias

market internals deteriorated as S&P’s testing key technical level. S&P will have a downward bias this week, pressured by short-term negative momentum but we expect support at the trend channel moving average to remain largely intact

S&P Upside to be Limited by Overbought Condition

the fact that the S&P is short-term overbought as it tests key sentiment level suggested that upside gains could be limited. As for strategy, we’d look to trim positions into short-term overbought strength

S&P Broke Key Resistance But return of Overbought Conditions Will Keep the Lid of the Upside

S&P broke key resistance Thursday, signified the one-week sideways trading pattern had resolved itself into a new upswing. Nevertheless, overbought conditions on an intraday basis will put a cap on the upside

S&P in Orderly Low-level Consolidation

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S&P Held Support but Follow-through is the Key

S&P tested and held support at the lower boundary of the pink band. While Tuesday’s rally had improved the posture of our short-term indicators, which supportive of further upside probing, follow-through is the key. S&P has 2890 to trade against. If that were to break, we could see 2925 next

S&P Constrained by Short-term Sideways Pattern

trading behavior in the S&P remains constrained by a short-term sideways pattern and shown little evidence of a sustainable change in trend. 2870 is the line in the sand. A failure to hold above that level would trigger a new sell signal and an unwelcome pickup in downside volatility


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