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Good Morning. This is Capital Essence’s “Market Outlook” (the technical analysis of financial markets) for Tuesday January 08, 2008.

We’ve predicted right herein the previous Market Outlook that: “market is pretty much oversold [on a short-term basis], and a counter trend rebound is, therefore, expected”, equity market managed to cut losses by the close of a very choppy session Monday with the Dow Jones industrial average added 0.2%. The broader market index, S&P 500, gained 0.3%.

It worth notice that shares of Dolby Laboratories Inc (DLB) jumped more than 8% on heavy volume Monday as investors cheers its new video technologies debut at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show. Just so that you know, DLB is posting a nice return since profiled in our December 21 “Swing Trader Bulletin” as a potential buy candidate.

Of the five economic sectors finished higher, utilities outperformed and Treasuries also caught quite a number of bids amid recession concerns.


Chart 1.1: Utilities Index (daily).

The index seems to have the potential to resume the long-term uptrend after a pullback to support at the area of 50-day moving average was greeted with a new wave of buying interest. An upside follow-through will confirm this and a test of December’s high, about 211 is, therefore, expected. From a long-term perspective, we believe that this group will continue to outperform the market. And this could save the equity from rolling over. Immediate support is about 200.


Chart 1.2: Dow Jones Industrial Average (daily).

The blue-chips index is basing sideway around support. The action suggests that the market is buying its time here. This is not very encouraging. As mentioned, a failure to hold above this level will increase the probability for a test of 2007’s low, about 12000. Resistant is about 13300.


Chart 1.3: Standard & Poors 500 Index (daily).

Similar to the Dow, the S&P 500 index is also basing sideway around the area of key support. As noted above, a failure to kick off a nice rebound [from current level] in a next couple of days will increase the probability for a test of 2007’s low, about 1370. Short-term resistant is about 1490.

In summary: Monday’s trading action suggested that, more likely than not, turn around Tuesday [i.e., short-term rebound] is upon us.


(By: Michelle Mai for Capital Essence)

Note: Michelle Mai writes technical analysis for Capital Essence and is the editor of Capital Essence’s “Market Outlook” newsletter. To receive the daily edition, please subscribe. It’s now available at a monthly rate.



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