This is Capital Essence’s “Cubes Speculator Bulletin” for January 02, 2008. Cubes Speculator Bulletin is an investment strategy newsletter, which is designed to help investors to aggressively trade the NASDAQ-100 Trust ETF (symbol: QQQQ) and its options. Each recommendation aims for BIG PROFITS of 75% – 125%

Capital Essence’s Market Outlook for January 02, 2008. Daily Market Outlook is the technical analysis of financial markets. Features Technical Analysis, Trend Prediction, Stock Picks, Option Strategies. It designs to help investors to understand how to time the market, when to entry, when to exit, how to pick undervalued stocks, how to limit investment risk with right strategies.

Capital Essence’s “Swing-Trader Bulletin” for January 02, 2008. Using candlestick charts and proprietary tools, The Swing Trader Bulletin establishes near-term market bias and identifies patterns, trends, support and resistance levels, moving averages, attractive entry and exit points, buying opportunities


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