S&P Will Test June High Soon

the S&P stuck in a holding pattern as traders wondered whether more gain is warranted following the April-June massive rally. Over the next few days, traders should monitor trading behavior as the June high is tested as resistance. A sustain breakout above it could trigger acceleration toward the important sentiment 2000 mark.

Market Outlook

This is Capital Essence’s CEM News – Market Outlook (the technical analysis of financial markets) for July 22, 2014. …our “U.S. Market ETF Trading Map” rates the S&P as a Hold. The index continues basing sideways near the lower edge of the pink band. Money Flow measure trended lower from above the zero line, indicating [...read more]

Swing-Trader Bulletin

Capital Essence’s “Swing-Trader Bulletin” for July 22, 2014. Using our unique proprietary tools, the Swing Trader Bulletin identifies trading patterns, trends, support and resistance levels to establishes attractive entry and exit points, buying opportunities. Targets and Stop-loss-point are included. Subscribers, please login.

Daily Trading Ideas

This is Capital Essence’s CEM News – Daily Trading Ideas for July 22, 2014. From a list of more than 7000 U.S. listed stocks & ETFs, our unique trend-following system had found 75 ideal trading candidates (35 buy & 40 sell) for the next trading session. Targets and Stop-loss-point are included. Subscribers, please click here [...read more]

Core ETF Report

This is Capital Essence’s “ETFs Trading Map” Core ETFs Report for July 22, 2014. Core ETFs Model Portfolio Holdings: amid recent market volatilities, we’ve made some adjustment (read: roll stops higher) to protect profits. Most of the holdings shown nice gains. There’s a new setups. Subscribers, please click here to login. Year-to-date, our Core ETF [...read more]

US Market ETF Trading Map

This is Capital Essence’s “ETFs Trading Map” for July 22, 2014. …Key Technical Development: current Market Climate is characterized by an aggressive with a low but rising volatility trading environment that had historically been slightly negative for stocks. The system warns of potential downside risk. Traders should consider buying taking profit or at least buying [...read more]


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